Officer Wellness & Safety

Officer Wellness & Safety

Pillar Six

Officer Wellness & Safety  

• Multifaceted officer safety and wellness initiative • Promote officer wellness and safety at every level • Scientifically supported shift lengths • Tactical first aid kit and training • Anti-ballistic vests for every officer • Collect information on injuries and near misses as well as officer deaths • Require officers to wear seat belts and bulletproof vests • Pass peer review error management legislation
• Smart car technology to reduce accidents

1.    Ensure early intervention through assistance, correction action and discipline
2.    Implement psychological evaluation of officers into the recertification process

Next Steps: Additional priorities for consideration

Review recommendations from:

Justice Reinvestment Framework for Corrections built out to incorporate the entire CJ system (including policing)

Equal Justice Initiative’s 2020 Report on Reforming Policing in America (Bryan Stevenson was a member of 21st Century Policing Task Force)

Campaign Zero

• 1999 Police-Involved Shooting Investigations: The Governors' Law Enforcement Council Report

How to organize work:

• Subcommittees

     - Structure

     - Adding Community Members

     - Legislative, Administrative, and general recommendations

• Community listening sessions

• Final Report

more priorities